Equity Resolution Process (ERP) Members

Title IX Coordinator

Heather Tyrrell
Institutional Equity and Title IX Coordinator
9388 Lightwave Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123
Office: (858) 642-8087
Cell: (619) 457-3332
Email: [email protected]

ERP Hearing Officers

Michelle Vandenbergh
Director, HR Business Partner

Dr. Sara Kelly
Professor, School of Arts, Letters, and Sciences – Arts and Humanities

ERP Appeal Officer

Nicole Vanegas
Senior Compliance Manager

ERP Investigators

Janette Garcia
Richard Felix
Robina Smith
Sandra Garcia

ERP Advisors

Dr. Bernadette Baum
Melissa Diaz
Karin Akerman
Dr. Penelope Keogh
Katherine Risk
Natalia Gaeta
Ryan McGill
Vivian Becerra

Training Materials

All members of the Equity Resolution Process have been trained by either the Association of Title IX Coordinators (ATIXA) and/or Bricker and Eckler, LLP as a group and/or based on specific roles in the process. Training materials can be accessed at the following links:

Questions regarding specific training content, please reach out to the Title IX Coordinator at [email protected].