Elizabeth V. - Class of 2023

Pop Up Blockers

Elizabeth V. - Class of 2023

What is a Pop-Up?

When a user clicks on a web link and a new window opens, with a web page or document, this is called a pop-up. The window is usually displayed on top of the already opened window.

National University SOAR system and the Online Library do not use obtrusive pop-up windows. SOAR will open or pop up documents in new windows, and for this reason, users should turn off pop-up blockers.

This basic Windows function can interfere depending on the window's design and purpose. For instance, pop-up advertisements are used extensively on the Web, though this is not their only use.

Your browser must allow pop-up windows to be able to use the National University website. If you are using any security, pop-up blocker software or firewalls, please adjust your settings or turn off pop-up blockers temporarily when you are using the SOAR system or connecting to the Online Library. Most pop-up programs have the ability to temporarily over-ride the pop-up blocker. In most cases, holding down the Ctrl key while opening the window will enable you to do this. Some programs also provide an option to permanently allow pop-ups for certain websites. Please enter www.nu.edu in the setting option to enable this.

Excessive Pop-Ups Can Indicate Spyware

If you are getting excessive pop-ups when you start your computer or when you first open your browser, chances are you have "parasite software" known as spyware or adware installed on your computer. You must remove these programs as soon as possible. You can use free software such as Ad-Aware SE Personal by Lavasoft and/or Spybot – Search & Destroy to remove spyware.

How You Can Stop Pop-Ups

If you are using Windows XP and have installed service pack 2, it will upgrade Internet Explorer to include a pop-up blocker. If you use Windows XP Professional version you can activate the pop-up blocker. If you are not using Windows XP, you can install a program will stop most pop-ups. The free Google Toolbar includes a pop-up blocker along with some handy other features. If you use these features, make sure you "turn-off" these pop-up blockers when using SOAR or the Online Library.