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Meeting Student Needs with Precision Education

The demand for graduates with a strong academic foundation and superior market-relevant skills has never been stronger. At National University, our commitment to providing innovative programs, services, and academic pathways aimed at fostering student success remains our top priority and will continue to guide this University forward.

This summer, we celebrated a significant milestone toward advancing that goal through the launch of the Precision Institute at National University.

Some of you have heard me talking recently about Precision Education and the Precision Institute. This initiative is based on the concept that we must be more precise in understanding our students’ goals, needs, learning profiles, and circumstances. Then, we must become much more precise in varying the type of instruction and support to meet these needs. Essentially, we aim to meet students where they’re at and not have students fit into our mold, as is the expectation among traditional universities.

Our launch included a special lecture by Dr. Luciano Floridi, a professor of philosophy and ethics of information at the University of Oxford, and many others took note of the Institute’s launch such as Inside Higher Ed, the San Diego Business Journal, and KPBS.

As a nonprofit university, we continuously invest in outstanding faculty and learning technologies to provide the best possible education opportunities for our students. Ultimately, our goal is to provide students with an exceptional and more personalized learning experience.

At National University, we are enriched not only by extraordinary, diverse faculty and staff, but also by our unique student population that is comprised of dedicated adult learners representing a wide range of backgrounds. I came to National University from more traditional schools like Johns Hopkins University, where students are chosen by the university to fit their program. However, when I came here, I noticed that one of the distinctive qualities about National University is that our students chose us to help them fulfill their education and career goals. As the demand for graduates with a strong academic foundation and market-relevant skills continues to grow, so does our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our students.

I invite you to learn more about Precision Education and the Precision Institute at National University on our website. I encourage you to save the date for upcoming lecture series, and watch the first lecture with Dr. Floridi.

The website also includes a blog that is updated regularly with posts about new developments with this initiative. I am thrilled that we can continue to explore innovative ways to provide an exceptional student experience, such as this one with Precision Education.

Consistent with our roots, we recognize the growing need of adult learners to attain credentials that will change their lives, and we embrace this opportunity to collaborate with educators and institutions to help guide our students toward achieving their life goals.

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