Heather P., Class of 2008

Precision Education

Heather P. Class of 2008

Our Commitment to Student Success

Using evidence-based approaches, we designed a unique approach to drive each student’s success at National University. By understanding each student’s goal, we build a pathway that includes adaptive instruction, holistic student support, and competency-based credentialing.

In 2017, National University committed to customizing a plan for each student to achieve a specific goal. By identifying the precise measurement of their current proficiency and status and subsequent improvement areas, students can be better positioned to stay on track and accomplish their specific academic goals.

As a result, National University is striving to create a fully integrated, comprehensive educational environment by utilizing advanced technologies, effective communication tools, and interactive teaching methodologies that meet individual students’ unique learning needs.

Objectives of Precision Education

This evolving, innovative approach is based on a nationwide need to ensure academic success for students of all backgrounds. By combining technology with personalized learning, National University identifies new educational models to ensure college success and completion, which are crucial elements for the country to maintain a position of global leadership in the information age.

The university-wide approach starts with its most valued resources — the university community. Our faculty members are contributing in various ways in defining and refining strategies to online course development. The university is also seeking to integrate many internal projects and external partnerships to advance precision education as an operational strategy, including:

  • Assessment-led, adaptive instruction
  • Holistic student support
  • Competency-based credentialing
  • Online career and academic goal setting
  • Individualized course navigation

National University is committed to this future-oriented approach to online education for a truly customizable student experience that creates a seamless pathway to graduation through high-tech, high-touch, and high-choice learning solutions.