Dr. Igor Subbotin

Dr. Igor Subbotin earned PhD in Mathematics at Mathematics Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Before joining National University, he taught mathematics at Kiev National University of Technology.

At National University, Dr. Subbotin regularly teaches different mathematics classes and supervises mathematics programs.

Dr. Subbotin•s main area of research is algebra. He intensively investigated infinite and finite groups defined by prescribed properties of important families of subgroups and quotient groups, generalized normal subgroups and their influence on the structure of a group, infinite dimensional linear group, and others. He has had the privilege to collaborate with several world-class mathematicians from different countries, including professors L.Kurdachenko, M. Dixon, J. Otal, N. Kuzennyi, V. Kirichenko, P. Shymyatskii, N. Semko, A. Russo, G. Vinchenzi, L. Kazarin, Z. Duan, and others. His list of publications includes more than 100 articles in algebra published in major mathematics journals in many countries including USA, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, China, Brazil, Hungary, Czech Republic and Turkey. He also authored more than 50 articles in mathematics education dedicated mostly to theoretical base of some topics of high school and college mathematics.
Among his publications there are several books.and more than a hundred peer reviewed articles dedicated to some aspects of modern algebra.

Dr. Igor Subbotin


Dr. Igor Subbotin

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