Dr. Ana Maria Barral

Ana Maria Barral is an Associate Professor at the Department of Math & Natural Sciences, National University (California). Her research focuses on Science Education, particularly through the incorporation of active learning approaches and course-based undergraduate research into the curriculum. Her proposal to develop and implement a CURE on studying the microbes attaching to floating plastic in coastal waters received a NSF grant in 2018.


  • ASBMB – American Society For Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  • ASM – American Society for Microbiology
  • AAAS – American Association for Advancement of Science


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Poster 2016-04-04 Active learning in a flipped classroom: implementation and assessment ASBMB 2016 Meeting San Diego, CA
Poster 2016-04-03 Small World Initiative: crowdsourcing research of new antibiotics to enhance undergraduate biology teaching 2016 ASBMB conference San Diego, CA
Poster 2015-02-14 The Genomics Education Partnership Provides Undergraduate Research Using Bioinformatics American Association for Advancement of Science annual meeting San Jose, CA
Poster 2014-05-01 Undergraduate Research Course within a Pre-allied Health Microbiology Course: Design and Preliminary Results Danvers, MA
Poster 2014-04-01 Genomics Education Partnership: a research-based approach to undergraduate teaching utilizing a centralized support system (618.39) San Diego, CA
Conference 2014-04-01 Small World Initiative: crowdsourcing research of new antibiotics to enhance undergraduate biology teaching (618.41) San Diego, CA


Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Article – Peer Reviewed Author Accelerated Introductory Biology Course is Significantly Enhanced by a Flipped Learning Environment. CBE Life Sciences Education Barral, A.M., Ardi, V., Simmons, R.E. 17(3)
Article – Peer Reviewed Author Course Redesign of Online Non-Majors Biology: Analysis of Effects Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching Ana Maria Barral, Rachel Simmons, Denise Tolbert National University 9(1) 108-122
Article – Peer Reviewed Co-Author No significant CTL cross-priming by exosomes during murine lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection. Journal of Immunology Coppetiers, A., Barral A.M., Juedes, A., Wolfe, T., Rodrigo, E., Thery, C., Amigorena, S. And M. 182 5
Article – Peer Reviewed Co-Author Redox-signaling transmitted in trans to neighboring cells by melanoma-derived TNF-containing exosomes. Free Radical Biology and Medicine Söderberg, A., Barral, A.M., Söderström, M., Sander, B. And A. Rosén 43 90-99
Article – Peer Reviewed Author Cytokine protection in diabetes through Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS)-1. Barral, A.M., Thomas, H., Darwiche, R., Rodrigo, E., Christen, U., Ejrnaes, M. Wolfe, T., Kay, T. 27 166-173
Article – Peer Reviewed Co-Author Islet-specific expression of CXCL10 causes spontaneous islet infiltration and accelerates diabetes development. Journal of Immunology Rhode, A., Pauza, M.E., Barral, A.M., Rodrigo, E., Oldstone, M.B.A. And M. Von Herrath. 175 3516-3524
Article – Peer Reviewed Author Exosomes: specific intercellular nano-shuttles? Current Immunology Reviews Barral, A.M. And M. Von Herrath 1 1
Article – Peer Reviewed Author Thioredoxin, thioredoxin reductase and TNF- _expressed in melanoma cells: correlation to resistance against cytotoxic attack Melanoma Res Barral, A.M., R. Källström, B. Sander, And A. Rosén. 4 331-43
Article – Peer Reviewed Co-Author Thioredoxin expression and localization in human cell lines: detection of full-length and truncated species. Exp Cell Research Sahaf, B., A. Soderberg, G. Spyrou, A. M. Barral, K. Pekkari, A. Holmgren, And A. Rosen. 236 181-92
Article – Peer Reviewed Author Cell-cell adherence as a selection method for the generation of anti-melanoma monoclonal antibodies Journal of Immunological Methods Barral, A. M., A. Fernandez, M. E. Faxas, X. Perez, C. A. Garcia, And A. Rosen.
Proceedings Co-Author Synthesis of biotin-tagged diketopiperazine-based anti-microtubule agents and tubulin photoaffinity labeling Adv. Exp. Med. Biol Yamazaki Y, Kohno K, Yasui H, Kiso Y, Neuteboom S, Barral Am, Potts B, Lloyd Gk, Hayashi Y 611 527-8

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Dr. Ana Maria Barral


Dr. Ana Maria Barral

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Linköping University Sweden - PHD - Medical Cell Biology