Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

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The BS in Cybersecurity program includes four-week classes.
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Program Overview

On Campus Online

Prepare to tackle the challenges of a career as a security analyst, computer network defender, or computer incident responder with the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. The need for cybersecurity expertise continues to grow, and this program will prepare you to seek entry into the field with confidence. It starts with a comprehensive understanding of information technology management concepts and fundamental security processes.

Once you complete the core cybersecurity classes, you’ll have the opportunity to take a four-class concentration in either Computer Network Defense or Digital Forensics.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze a problem and design the cybersecurity measures appropriate to its solution.
  • Apply concepts of best practices in cybersecurity management to enterprise processes.
  • Describe the ethical challenges that confront a cybersecurity professional.
  • Apply security control principles in the construction of cybersecurity solutions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to securely administer a Windows and Linux system using security automation tools and techniques.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of operating systems, networks, and cloud computing.

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Program Highlights

  • Entire program can be completed online.
  • Understand the ethical challenges that come with cybersecurity.
  • Apply security control principles to develop cybersecurity solutions.
  • Demonstrate the communication skills expected of a cybersecurity professional.
  • Know how to securely administer a Windows and Linux system using security automation tools and techniques.


(1 course; 4.5 quarter units)

  • CYB 200 Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Foundation Technologies

(6 courses; 27 quarter units)

  • CYB 211 Operating System Fundamentals
    • Prerequisite: CYB 200
  • CYB 212 Introduction to Networking
    • Prerequisite: CYB 200
  • CYB 213 Data Fundamentals for Cybersec
    • Prerequisite: CYB 200
  • CYB 214 Quant Tools for Cybersec Pro
    • Prerequisite: CYB 213
  • CYB 215 Fund of Virt and Cloud Comp
    • Prerequisite: CYB 211 and CYB 212
  • CYB 216 Programming for Cybersecurity
    • Prerequisite: CYB 215

First Core Sequence

(5 courses; 22.5 quarter units)

  • CYB 320 Tech Writing/Proj. Mgnt. for CYB
  • CYB 331 Secure Linux System Admin
    • Prerequisite: CYB 216
  • CYB 332 Secure Windows Administration
  • CYB 333 Security Automation
    • Prerequisite: CYB 331 and CYB 332
  • CYB 340 Sys. Sec. Arch. for Cybersec
    • Prerequisite: CYB 333

Second Core Sequence

(6 courses; 27 quarter units)

  • CYB 420 Sec Audit and Assessments
    • Recommended: Prior completion of: CYB 340 At least 13.5 units of the first core sequence must be completed before this course.
  • CYB 450 Cyber Threat Intelligence
    • Prerequisite: CYB 340
  • CYB 451 Incident Handling/Response
    • Prerequisite: CYB 340
  • CYB 452 Intro to Ethical Hacking
    • Prerequisite: CYB 340
  • CYB 453 Network Defense
  • CYB 454 Cybersec Planning and Policy
    • Prerequisite: CYB 340


(3 courses; 13.5 quarter units)

  • CYB 499A
  • CYB 499B Cybersecurity Project II
    • Prerequisite: CYB 499A
  • CYB 499C Cybersecurity Project III
    • Prerequisite: CYB 499B

Concentration in Computer Network Defense

The concentration in Computer Network Defense provides for greater focus on the security issues for computer networks.

Requirements for the Concentration

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

  • CYB 460 Operating System Security
    • Prerequisite: CYB 420 and completion of all core CYB classes before starting the concentration, CYB 450, CYB 451, CYB 452, CYB 453, CYB 454
  • CYB 461 Wireless and Mobile Security
    • Prerequisite: CYB 460
  • CYB 462 Cloud and Virtualization Sec
    • Prerequisite: CYB 460
  • CYB 463 Advanced Network Defense
    • Prerequisite: CYB 460

Concentration in Digital Forensics

The concentration in Digital Forensics provides for greater focus on investigation and analysis of computers and networks.

Requirements for Concentration

(4 courses; 18 quarter units)

  • CYB 470 Intro to Digital Forensics
    • Prerequisite: CYB 420 and completion of all core CYB classes before starting the concentration, CYB 450, CYB 451, CYB 452, CYB 453, CYB 454
  • CYB 471 Operating Systems Forensics
    • Prerequisite: CYB 470
  • CYB 472 Network Forensics
    • Prerequisite: CYB 470
  • CYB 473 Mobile Device Forensics
    • Prerequisite: CYB 470

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Program Requirements

To receive a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, students must complete at least 183 quarter units, 45 of which must be completed in residence at National University, 81 of which must be completed at the upper-division level, and a minimum 70.5
units of the University General Education requirements. In the absence of transfer credit, additional general electives may be necessary to satisfy total units for the degree. Students should refer to the section on undergraduate admission procedures
for specific information on admission and evaluation. All students receiving an undergraduate degree in Nevada are required by state law to complete a course in Nevada Constitution.

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