Sanford Harmony at National University Announces Launch of Social Emotional Learning App for Teachers and Students

App offers proven social emotional learning (SEL) tools and strategies for teachers to integrate into the classroom; Sanford SEL app expands access to the Sanford Harmony program that has been adopted by schools nationwide

SAN DIEGO, CA – Sanford Harmony at National University announced today the launch of a mobile application called Sanford SEL that offers a new way for teachers to incorporate social emotional learning practices into daily classroom activities. The app provides a dynamic, easily-accessible interface to the Sanford Harmony program, allowing the research-based program to reach even more students with its suite of lesson plans, activities and resources developed to strengthen classroom relationships between students into adulthood.

The PreK-6 Sanford Harmony program helps students improve interpersonal skills in areas such as communication, cooperation and conflict resolution. It is in various stages of adoption in more than 20,000 classrooms around the country which represents over 440,000 students. The expansion effort is led by the National University System and its anchor institution National University, which has a long tradition of preparing and supporting the professional development needs of teachers

Until now, the Sanford Harmony classroom resources were only available through a physical toolbox of story books, activity cards and lesson plans. The new app, currently available for iPads and Android tablets, allows for teachers and students to readily access these Sanford Harmony resources through the specially formatted interface. The app launched with a focus on the PreK-2 levels, with plans to roll out resources to additional grade levels through 6th grade and in Spanish for PreK-6.

To learn more about using the Sanford SEL app, a free webinar will be held April 19. To register:

“We are excited to introduce the Sanford SEL app to the educator community, as it offers an innovative approach to integrating the proven Sanford Harmony program’s social emotional learning resources into the classroom,” said Scott Page, Director of the Sanford Harmony program. “Studies show that students who develop skills in social emotional learning at an early age perform better in school and work throughout their lives, and we believe these skills also lay the foundation for healthier relationships and communities.”

The Sanford Harmony program’s storybooks and activity cards have been redesigned for the app format, which also integrates prompts for the program’s Meet Up and Buddy Up activities – two key components of the Sanford Harmony program, which was originally developed through Arizona State University. Meet Up activities help build supportive classroom communities where students feel connected, comfortable and ready to learn. Buddy Up is a peer buddy system designed to bring together diverse students who might not otherwise might not interact with one another.

While the program’s roots are in the classroom, the app can also be used by parents, students and organizations that are seeking team-building activities and other opportunities to strengthen positive peer relations and interpersonal communications.

The Sanford SEL app, which is developed by Mobomo, includes no advertising or in-app purchases and does not collect any data from the children who use it. The program is aligned with Common Core state standards, national, and district learning initiatives. It can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store for Apple devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

About the Sanford Education Programs at National University
The National University System is leading the expansion of three initiatives designed to address critical needs in the education and nonprofit sectors. Sanford Harmony and Sanford Inspire, which are supported by the University’s Sanford College of Education, provide innovative resources for the Pre-K-12 education sector. Sanford Harmony is a social emotional learning program that promotes positive peer interactions and communication among Pre-K-6 children into adulthood. Sanford Inspire supports inspiring Pre-K-12 teaching through teacher education resources and video modules. The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy offers educational programs to help nonprofits become more effective at fundraising. The three programs were launched nationally in 2014 with the creation of the Sanford Education Center at National University and they are being disseminated in coordination with National University, the anchor institution of the National University System. To learn more:

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