Emergency Medical Responder

Course Description

Introduction to the basics of Emergency Medical Responder requirements; including medical and trauma skills, basic anatomy and physiology as related to EMR requirements. Student will learn to properly assess and begin treatment of the sick and injured, including cognitive and practical skills of Healthcare Provider Level CPR, taking blood pressures, pulses, respiratory rates, and the use of simple adjuncts to assist in the management of an injured person’s airway. Additional Emergency Medical Responder skills, including advanced first aid skills: bandaging, splinting, and spinal immobilization techniques, and safe methods of moving the injured and ill while awaiting a higher level of medical care. Trauma and psychiatric emergencies are also covered, as well as all basic life-saving skills. Students will be tested on assessment the sick and injured, blood pressures, pulses, respiratory rates, proper bandaging and wound care, splinting, and spinal immobilization techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the basic structure and function of the human body, including basic anatomy, physiology of the major body systems.
  • Explain how to effectively communicate with patients, co-workers, family members, other allied agencies.
  • Demonstrate the proper methods of lifting and moving patients.
  • Obtain vital signs including blood pressure, pulse, respirations, and level of consciousness.
  • Perform a patient assessment and develop a field treatment plan for the medical patient.
  • Perform a patient assessment and develop a field treatment plan for trauma patient.
  • Perform one and two rescuer CPR and obstructed airway maneuvers using basic airway adjuncts on the adult, pediatric and infant.
  • Determine the need for and apply proper spinal immobilization, splints, bandages, and hemorrhage control methods.
  • Describe the role of the EMR in a Haz-Mat or mass casualty incident.
  • Assist a laboring patient with an emergency delivery including basic care of the newborn.

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