Recompression Chambers

Course Description

Instructions in operation of a standard off shore deck decompression chamber and performance of duties of outside tender, inside tender, log keeper, and communications operator.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe the major components of a chamber.
  • Explain the requirement for having a chamber on station or on site for commercial diving operations.
  • Explain the Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy (PVHO) requirements and the classifications of chambers.
  • Demonstrate the ability to set up and shut down a chamber as an outside tender and operate the chamber using proper rates of ascent and descent, applying safety rules, vent the chamber (+/- 1 foot), analyze inside atmosphere, and to use the air decompression (surface decompression) and treatment tables.
  • Demonstrate the ability to function as an inside tender and to perform a neurological examination to quickly rule out if a diver has any serious symptoms of decompression sickness or arterial gas embolism prior to hyperbaric recompression.
  • Demonstrate the ability to function as the diving supervisor, communications operator, and log keeper during dives and provide proper support to the diver being decompressed in the chamber.
  • Demonstrate the ability to dive in the chamber to 165 feet of seawater, equalizing, and tolerating nitrogen to a sufficient level to be able to function as an inside tender at that depth and assist a diver afflicted with decompression illness.
  • Draw a schematic of a chamber and associated air, oxygen, exhaust, monitoring, electrical, and treatment gas components and explain the use and purpose of each component.
  • Describe the various chamber emergencies, how to prevent their occurrence, and what actions are necessary in the chamber emergency situations.
  • List the maximum limits of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and the ventilation requirements for proper chamber operation.


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