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Earn a General Education Degree and Expand Your Intellectual and Professional Opportunities

Are you ready to develop problem-solving skills and get hands-on experience with data and analytics? Solving real-world challenges through statistical methods is the core of the Master of Science in Data Analytics program at National University. Three specializations are available to choose from — business analytics, database analytics, and health analytics — all of which cover specific nuances related to their areas of expertise.

To address the spectrum of issues in data analytics, this curriculum has been designed to include core courses in statistical topics as well as areas for advanced applications of data analytics in unique fields. Advanced topics include how to develop, implement, and maintain the hardware and software tools needed to make efficient and effective use of big data, including databases, data marts, data warehouses, machine learning, and analytic programming. State-of-the-art analytical software will be used in all courses.

The MS in Data Science program is designed for adult learners and can be completed in as few as 14 months with four-week classes. Faculty is made up of trained experts in the field who can offer career-focused knowledge and practical skills for analysis and data structures. Previous academic studies or industrial experience in such areas as math, statistics, computer programming, engineering, or science are helpful prerequisites for this master’s program. This degree is appropriate for both experienced professionals and recent college graduates.

Earn a General Education Degree and Expand Your Intellectual and Professional Opportunities

  • Hands-On Learning in the Essentials of Education. With new writing and speech skills, and a better understanding of science, mathematics, humanities, and multicultural environments, you’ll have a firm foundation for communicating, learning, and decision-making in all aspects of life and work.
  • Designed for Working Professionals. Our associate in general education program offers asynchronous and online course formats that fit the busy schedules of adult learners with convenient four-week courses, monthly starts, and year-round enrollment.
  • Tools for Life and More Advanced Studies. The focus on communication fundamentals combined with a broad range of math, science, humanities, and cultural subjects prepares you for a lifetime of personal growth, self-development, and greater possibilities for further education.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredits public and private schools, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

Associate of Science in General Education Degree and Course Requirements

To receive the AS degree in General Education, students must complete at least 90 quarter units, 18 of which must be taken in residence at National University. Of the 90 units required, 78 must fall into the areas of General Education as listed below. A list of courses for each category can be found in the General Education section of the Catalog under General Education for Bachelor Degrees. In the absence of transfer credit, additional general elective courses may be taken to fulfill the total unit requirement for the degree.

The General Education Program consists of a minimum of 78 quarter units. Of the 78 units, students must complete at least 4.5 units at the upper-division level and 4.5 units in diversity-enriched coursework. A plus [+] indicates a diversity-enriched offering.

Students are urged to meet English and Mathematics requirements as early as possible in their college studies to avoid serious difficulties in other coursework. Refer to the section on Undergraduate Admission Procedures for specific information regarding application and placement evaluation.

AREA A: English Communication (Minimum 13.5 quarter units)
AREA B: Mathematical Concepts & Quantitative Reasoning (Minimum 9.0 quarter units)
AREA C: Information Literacy (Minimum 4.5 quarter units)
AREA D: Arts, Humanities & Languages (Minimum 9 quarter units over at least 2 areas)
AREA E: Social & Behavioral Sciences (Minimum 13.5 quarter units)
AREA F: Physical & Biological Sciences (Minimum 18 quarter units required)
AREA G: Lifelong Learning & Self Development (Minimum 4.5 quarter units)
AREA A-G: General Education (Minimum 4.5 quarter units)

With an emphasis on communication, math, and science, National University’s Associate of Science in General Studies degree prepares you for a lifetime of personal development, greater possibilities for more advanced education, and jobs that require a solid foundation in language and science fundamentals.

Career Opportunities in the General Education Field

  • Medical assistants, technicians, therapists, and record specialists
  • Computer support specialists
  • Preschool teachers and teaching assistants
  • Paralegals and legal assistants

Employers of General Education Graduates

  • Hospitals, private clinics, and other care providers
  • Computer support centers
  • Public and private education providers
  • Law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies

National University has always been dedicated to meeting the needs of working adult learners. While earning your degree is important to your future, you don’t need to put your life on hold to do so.

The Associate of Science in General Studies degree can be completed 100% online, so you can study when and where it’s most convenient for you. You will engage with faculty weekly and participate in discussions with faculty and classmates on threaded online discussion boards. Quizzes and exams are completed online, and you can submit your papers or homework directly to your professors through the online portal.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this program, you’ll be able to demonstrate:

  • A capacity for responsible citizenship in a diverse society
  • Skills for self-development that contribute to lifelong learning
  • Literacy in written and oral communication
  • Information literacy skills in developing research projects and presentations
  • Awareness of past and present human and cultural diversity
  • The ability to identify ethical issues raised in different disciplines
  • Scientific and quantitative literacy skills in appraising information and solving problems
  • The ability to use the elements of critical thinking to analyze issues, solve problems, and make decisions
  • The ability to work successfully in a team


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Frequently Asked Questions

The growing medical services sector is always in need of technicians and assistants with foundational training in the sciences. Your career path could include a variety of nursing, pharmaceutical, radiological, or patient care opportunities, as well as teaching assistant, computer support, or paralegal professions.

General education studies provide essential self-development skills in literacy, math, science, and humanities that form a foundation for lifelong learning. These studies also help prepare students with the fundamentals necessary for more advanced education.

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Program Disclosure

Successful completion and attainment of National University degrees do not lead to automatic or immediate licensure, employment, or certification in any state/country. The University cannot guarantee that any professional organization or business will accept a graduate’s application to sit for any certification, licensure, or related exam for the purpose of professional certification.

Program availability varies by state. Many disciplines, professions, and jobs require disclosure of an individual’s criminal history, and a variety of states require background checks to apply to, or be eligible for, certain certificates, registrations, and licenses. Existence of a criminal history may also subject an individual to denial of an initial application for a certificate, registration, or license and/or result in the revocation or suspension of an existing certificate, registration, or license. Requirements can vary by state, occupation, and/or licensing authority.

NU graduates will be subject to additional requirements in a program, certification/licensure, employment, and state-by-state basis that can include one or more of the following items: internships, practicum experience, additional coursework, exams, tests, drug testing, earning an additional degree, and/or other training/education requirements.

All prospective students are advised to review employment, certification, and/or licensure requirements in their state, and to contact the certification/licensing body of the state and/or country where they intend to obtain certification/licensure to verify that these courses/programs qualify in that state/country, prior to enrolling. Prospective students are also advised to regularly review the state’s/country’s policies and procedures relating to certification/licensure, as those policies are subject to change.

*Positions may require additional experience, training, and other factors beyond successfully completing this degree program. Depending on where you reside, many positions may also require state licensure, and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all licensure requirements are met. We encourage you to also review program-specific requirements. Any data provided on this page is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee that completion of any degree program will achieve the underlying occupation or commensurate salary.

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