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for Performance Psychology

Due to continued concerns and challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on academic and personal resources across the country, the January 2021 Performance Psychology Conference has been cancelled. Although we did consider the possibility of hosting an online conference, we are also keenly aware of “Zoom-fatigue” and its potential impact on attendance, participation, and quality. Besides, we’d rather see your faces in person!

World-willing, we’ll be back in January 2022!

The conference brings together educators, researchers, and applied practitioners to share knowledge and advancements in performance psychology, applied research, and interventions in psychology and peak performance in a variety of competitive arenas.

The conference is designed for academics, professionals, and participants in performance-based venues to present and to learn about the current state of and future possibilities for the field of performance psychology. Keynote speakers will address the developing field of performance psychology and the value of mental preparation for high-level performers. Panel discussions will feature opportunities to learn more about research in the field and interventions utilized by performers of all levels. Finally, academics will present papers on applied or research topics in the field. The conference brings together diverse constituencies in the fields of performance psychology and peak performance to share advancements and collaborate on future developments in the fields of interest.

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