Human Capital

An organization’s human capital includes all the intangible assets its employees possess that bring value to the organization. These assets include: 

  • Knowledge 
  • Skills and abilities, and 
  • Personality

Motivation is a result of both intrinsic and extrinsic drivers that stimulate employee engagement in the workplace. Things that motivate employees to put effort toward work include: 

  • Work interest 
  • Pay and benefits 
  • Job security and advancement opportunities 
  • Transparency, and 
  • Management style.
Diversity and Inclusivity

Workplace diversity includes both the visible (for example: race, gender, age, physical ability) and the invisible (for example: sexual orientation, education level, socio-economic status) traits of employees. Inclusivity involves treating all individuals fairly and respectfully regardless of their visible and invisible traits, and giving each employee equal access to resources and opportunities.

Worker Development

Employee professional development is key to the success of an organization, and involves employers encouraging employees to continue their education either internally through training opportunities or externally through various learning opportunities. 

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Trained employees are often considered intellectual capital for organizations. In an age where companies are competing for top talent, it is important for employers to retain top performing employees. A few benefits of focusing on retention are: 

  • Increased performance and results 
  • Better productivity 
  • Higher employee morale, and 
  • Reduction in turnover.
Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is a state of equilibrium between work and life responsibilities. Striking this balance also involves separating work life from home life. There are many ways for employers to support a healthy employee work/life balance, including: 

  • Encouraging employee breaks
  • Offering flexible working hours
  • Regularly reviewing workload, and 
  • Increased support in general.