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Unlock a wealth of insights and strategies to enhance your remote or hybrid workplace by tapping into CAVO webinars. These valuable resources offer practical solutions and expert guidance to elevate productivity and collaboration within your team.

Recorded Webinars

Considerations in the Age of AI: Safeguarding Intellectual Property

In part 2 of this webinar series, explore the challenges and opportunities that AI presents for businesses and creators in protecting their intellectual property in an AI-driven world.

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Legal Ethics in the Age of AI: Maintaining Professional Integrity
April 17, 2024 at 3 pm ET

This two-part webinar will delve into the ethical considerations and cover how AI is reshaping the ethical landscape, focusing on maintaining integrity, confidentiality, and professional responsibilities in the digital age.

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Building Resiliency and Connection in Virtual Organizations

Gain invaluable insights and practical strategies for cultivating resilience and enhancing interpersonal bonds within virtual organizations drawn from Tech Leadership Lab’s framework crafted by Dr. Cristina Imre and her extensive 15-year experience in remote work, establishment of virtual teams, and facilitating the transition of companies to remote or hybrid models.

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6 Ways for More Engaging Meetings

In this dynamic and interactive class, “6 Ways for More Engaging Meetings,” participants will uncover the secrets to transforming standard meetings into captivating and impactful learning experiences. This session is designed for meeting planners, educators, and team leaders who are seeking innovative strategies to elevate their meeting effectiveness. Through a mix of theoretical insights and practical exercises, attendees will learn how to apply six proven methods to significantly enhance engagement and retention in their meetings.

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AI: Futural Leadership and Avant-Garde Change Model Part 2

Join us for the live session in Part 2 of this webinar duo with Dr. Markham as we delve deeper into the principles of Futural Leadership. This will be a dynamic live webinar where you can actively engage in a Q&A with Dr. Markham.

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Building Resiliency and Connection in Virtual Organizations

Dr. Cristina Imre provides insights and actionable steps for fostering resilience and deepening connections within virtual organizations.

AI series “AI Futural Leadership and Avant-Garde Change Model”

Dr. Paul Markham explains the principles of Futural Leadership, a domain where leadership extends beyond mere adaptation, actively molding the change we aspire to see in the world.

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Bringing Generations Together: Working as One in Virtual and Hybrid Spaces

Expert panelists will discuss strategies for fostering collaboration and understanding among different generations in the evolving landscape of virtual and hybrid work environments. Discover how to bridge the generation gap, enhance communication, and build a cohesive and inclusive remote team.

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Using Hybrid and Remote Work to Improve Retention and Productivity While Cutting Costs

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, lauded as “Office Whisperer” and “Hybrid Expert” by The New York Times, explains how to  dramatically improve your ability to use hybrid and virtual work as an instrument to improve retention and productivity while cutting costs.

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Remote Employee Engagement Strategies

Geraldine Woloch-Addamine teaches how to reinvent remote and hybrid employee engagement strategies to meet the new world of work expectations.

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Love Yourself Enough to Earn Your Online Degree DebtFree!

Dr. Elizabeth Rosner will teach how to graduate with an online degree fully debt-free.

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Remote Employee Engagement Strategies

Watch the recorded webinar with CAVO Visiting Virtual Expert, Geraldine Woloch-Addamine and learn how to reinvent remote and hybrid employee engagement strategies to meet the new world of work expectations.
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