What Types of Companies Look for Organizational Leadership skills?

What Types of Companies Look for Organizational Leadership skills?

What do Lockheed-Martin, Disney, Tiffany’s, Carnival Cruises, tech companies in Silicon Valley, the Aspen Institute, Vanguard, and Royal Caribbean, all have in common? They are all on the search for professionals who can deliver leadership in organizations, shape organizational change, and help others be the best they can be as part of a dynamic team environment.

“Effective leadership is needed in every industry; now, more than ever, leadership development is necessary to bring forth collective talent and innovation in others,” says Dr. Julia Buchanan, Associate Professor, School of Business and Management and Program Director, of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at National University.

In fact, a quick Google search produced the following career openings at these and other well-known organizations, all citing organizational leadership as a desired background:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Training and Development Director
  • Internal/External Consultant
  • Director of Leadership and Talent Development
  • Manager of Leadership Development
  • Head of Leadership Development
  • President of Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Program Associate Leadership Development and Education
  • Manager of Talent and Leadership Development
  • Vice President of Leadership

If you love cultivating collaboration, drawing out the genius in others, and helping others to resolve conflict by framing solutions, a master’s degree in organizational leadership at National University could set you apart from others in the management arena. If you are currently employed, but looking for promotion, honing these skills by enrolling in the organizational leadership master’s program can help prepare you to lead at your current workplace.

Dr. Buchanan says that there are some key questions that hiring managers and recruiters want candidates to address, such as:

  • How would the candidate apply leadership to developing others?
  • What are the critical thinking skills of the candidate?
  • How well does the individual work with organizational dynamics — and can they cite examples of this?
  • How does the candidate use their organizational leadership skills and background to interpret and shape company culture?
  • Can a candidate articulate a global view of leadership in a way that makes sense and reveals what they have studied?

Mastering the Art of Organizational Leadership at National University

When you pursue a master’s degree in organizational leadership at National University, you will learn to feel more comfortable and confident sharing the answers to the questions above — and others like them — when they are lobbed your way.

The organizational leadership master’s program at National provides the training you need to become an effective, change-oriented leader that your boss or future employer is looking for.

The intensive coursework will enable you to distinguish between multiple approaches to exercising leadership in order to harness collective talent, interpret organizational dynamics, evaluate ethical issues, and aid organizational members in creating an ethical culture appropriate to the organization. You’ll dive deep into the importance of distinguishing between the functions of authority or power and the true understanding of leadership. You’ll also come away from the program with polished skills to create collaborative problem-solving and strategic plans, which are key in every professional environment.

The best part about the program is it will fit your life, with online or on-site classes, four-week terms, military-friendly support services, locations across California, and year-round enrollment. That means you can get started sooner and get finished faster.

Real-World Impact Through Organizational Leadership

Once you have a degree, what will your prospects look like? The future looks pretty bright, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The job outlook for roles focused on leadership in organizations is projected to increase by 10% through 2026 (faster than average than for all occupations). Additionally, jobs such as a training and development director offer a median salary of $111,340 (even higher in California at $132,910), with “job prospects favorable due to the constant need for workplace training and education.”

You don’t have to look too far for companies that thrive with leadership and organizational change at their core. Comstock’s, the generations-old professional publication in California, reports on leadership in the workplace as news of course, but it’s also something embraced in its own company culture.

The President and CEO recently wrote in his column, 5 Strategies Leaders Use to Sustain a Great Workplace Culture, “Unemployment rates in Sacramento and across America are at historic lows. The competition for talent is fierce because great people are the lifeblood of every successful enterprise. There is no more important role for leaders than that of a teambuilder… Once you find the right people for the organization, a leader’s responsibility is to help them grow and grow together.”

Comstock’s was recently honored as the Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplace for 2019 and Sacramento Business Journal “A+ Employer” for nine consecutive years. This is just one real-world example of a business that is a leader in its industry that relies heavily on organizational leadership professionals to help them grow.

If you can envision yourself leading the charge, taking your organization to the next level, and applying fine-tuned people-development skills, you can learn more about the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and request additional information on our program page.

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