Living in San Diego: Enhance Your Life with an Educational Certificate

Living in San Diego Enhance Your Life with an Educational Certificate

If you are living in San Diego and also want to teach here, you’re in luck. With more than 730 schools in the county alone, there is no doubt there is a growing need for teachers and other educational professionals in the greater San Diego region.

Careers in education are often considered some of the most rewarding; teaching can enhance your life and the lives of others. In this article, we’ll show you how to get started teaching in San Diego.


Education Careers in San Diego and California

The San Diego Unified School District is the second largest district in the state. You’ll find nearly 106,000 students attending its 181 schools. Beyond this public school district serving the major metropolitan region, San Diego County and the surrounding area is home to hundreds of other public, private, charter, and online elementary, middle, and high school options.

Other cities in California are also seeing a teacher shortage, so even if you earn your teaching credential while living in San Diego, you could also explore positions throughout the state.

Working in education is rewarding in many intangible ways, but it’s also important to consider your earning potential before pursuing any on-site or online degree. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, California offers some of the highest annual compensation for teachers in the United States. Let’s take a closer look.


High school teacher, mean annual wages:

National, $60,040

California, $80,510

San Diego/Carlsbad metropolitan area: $77,630


Elementary school teacher, mean annual wages:

National, $59,420

California, $80,100

San Diego/Carlsbad metropolitan area: $71,990


Kindergarten school teacher, mean annual wages:

National, $55,470

California, $69,690

San Diego/Carlsbad metropolitan area: $66,720


Special education teachers are also in demand at the early childhood, elementary, and secondary levels, and in many subspecialties within.


Earning an Online Certificate or Degree in Education

People are drawn to teaching for different reasons as well as at different times in their lives. You might know you want to earn a teaching certificate before you graduate high school, or you might wish to start an education career after working in another industry. Teaching is also among the many veteran opportunities that allow former service members to use their skills, talents, and experiences to help children and teenagers discover their own potential. (You can learn more about the advantages of attending a military-friendly college in this blog post.)

Among the colleges that offer online courses in San Diego is National University, the largest, private nonprofit university in the region. National offers a variety of online degrees and certificates in education, including:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Special Education.

National University also offers bachelor’s degrees in several majors that also include single-subject teaching credentials, such as English, Spanish, math, social sciences, and health sciences. Additionally, in special education you can specialize in a specific type of level of need.


Advancing Your Education Career in San Diego

If you’re a current teacher living in San Diego, you might be interested in advancing your education career. Earning a graduate degree, online certificate, or other extra credentials could help you move up the pay scale or open you up to additional opportunities in your current role. Or, maybe you’re considering moving from the classroom into administration or school leadership. National University is also one of the San Diego-area colleges that offer online courses in education at the graduate level, including:

  • Master of Arts in Education.
  • Master of Early Childhood Education.
  • Master of Science in Advanced Teaching Practices.
  • Master of Arts in Educational and Instructional Technology.
  • Master of Arts in Special Education.
  • Master of Science in Applied School Leadership.
  • Master of Science in Educational Administration.
  • Graduate Certificate in Autism.
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Living in San Diego and enjoying a rewarding teaching career is possible with the degree opportunities available at  National University. And with monthly start evening, weekend, and 100% online class options, you can study when and where it’s convenient for you. To find out more, explore our teacher education programs on our program page.


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