Can I Take Human Resources Classes Online?

To meet the needs of today’s diverse and multi-faceted workplaces, the human resources profession continues to expand.

Whether adjusting corporate culture to support flexible work schedules, finding the right candidates in a tight labor market, or balancing diversity in hiring, today’s human resources professionals face ever-evolving responsibilities.

If you’re looking to build your career in human resources, learn both foundational and advanced skills, and perhaps earn a promotion, National University offers dozens of human resources classes online and a master of arts in human resource management degree that is offered both on-campus and online.

What Characteristics Will I Need to Work in HR?

There are many different personalities and work types within the human resources field, but if you are pursuing HR studies, these traits may be most relevant to launch a career in the field:

  • Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Skills such as a friendly demeanor, the ability to have engaging conversations, and demonstrating respect and understanding are all important components of working in HR.
  • Comfort with diversity. As today’s workforce becomes more and more diverse, being comfortable with interacting with anyone, regardless of cultural heritage, opinions, age, educational levels, or any other area of diversity will ensure you have a firm foundation for working in a complex workplace.
  • Effective communication. Human resources training prepares you to write, speak, and communicate with clarity and humility, whether to address a sensitive or contentious matter or to communicate matters of daily importance across multiple teams and management levels.
  • A commitment to integrity and confidentiality. As an HR professional, you may be privy to sensitive details, help manage conflicts, and be aware of private information on a daily basis. You must possess the skill to always be discrete and safeguard the privacy of all employees.

What Can Human Resources Management Classes Teach Me?

At National University,  human resource management online classes cover a wide variety of relevant topics, giving students the expertise and training to move forward in their careers. In our HR programs online, you’ll take a deep-dive into key areas including:

  • Foundational human resources issues such as labor relations, HR technology tools, understanding how ethics and human resources interact, and how safety plays an important role in an HR professional’s responsibilities.
  • Recruiting techniques, including developing a full recruiting plan with a process for interviewing and selecting candidates.
  • Conducting needs assessments to identify where employees need training and helping to develop a strategy for the workforce’s professional skills to meet organizational goals.
  • Benefits research and assessments based on a diverse employee population.
  • Formulating a compensation system based on merit, knowledge, and additional skills.

Our human resources courses also include learning to develop methods to manage company liability in relation to labor issues such as discrimination and union disputes, interpreting organization dynamics, and evaluating ethical issues in today’s changing workplace.

But Can I Take Human Resources Classes Online?

In a word, yes! At National University, we offer online courses and programs to cater to busy professionals, active-duty servicemembers, and vets.  We are a military-friendly school with tuition discounts for servicemembers and their dependents.

Flexible, monthly-start classes are four weeks long and enrollment is on an ongoing basis, so you can start classes at any time. You can set your own pace for completion and even be able to jump in and out again as your work or family life permit.

With more than 75 degree programs, including classes to earn your human resource management degree online, you’ll find an endless variety of courses to speak to specialties both inside and outside your major focus of study. Within our HR programs online, you can select an area of specialization to focus on in your advanced coursework, getting training on a track to advance your career.

Along with foundational human resources training, in National University’s human resources classes online incorporate robust discussions about ongoing changes and trends in human resources management.

In today’s working environment, social issues are becoming a major player, with everything from workplace inclusion to community and social support in the mix. Workplace concerns such as flexible work schedules, maintaining employees’ mental health, and preventing worker burnout are all part of key discussions you’ll have as you pursue a degree in human resource management online.

You’ll also learn about closing the skills gap in the workforce and continuing to upskill professional staff. Employee training goes beyond technical skills, encompassing also “soft skills” such as mentoring and coaching employees, developing good organizational skills, and learning how to delegate.

The Right Skills for an HR Professional

With National University’s online classes, flexible schedules, four-week courses, and ongoing enrollment, receiving your degree in human resources management can easily fit into your busy life. To expand your foundational skills and enhance your qualifications to move forward in your  HR career, visit our program page to learn more about human resources classes online and the Master of Arts in Human Resource Management at National University.

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