Student in classroom

Early College

Student in classroom

National University offers eligible students the opportunity to take college-level general education classes at a discounted tuition rate. Earning college credit prior to high school graduation contributes to accessibility, readiness, and financial savings toward a degree or certification program in college.

Students can select 100- and 200-level college classes to:

  • Receive reduced tuition of $600 per class (a $1,665 value) for online classes only
  • Minimize time to degree for post-secondary education
  • Satisfy high school requirements while earning direct college credit
  • Accelerated one-course-per-month format
  • Strengthen college applications
  • Access expanded educational offerings for primarily juniors and seniors

Classes meet the standards for completing high school and taking college-level courses transferable to other regionally accredited institutions of higher education.

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ART200 Visual Arts

ECE201 The Growing Child: Zero to 8

CSC200 Orientation to Computer Science
CYB200 Introduction to Cybersecurity
ITM200 Computer Hardware and Software
ITM205 Office Productivity Software
ITM230 Computer Network Overview

GLS150 Global Issues and Trends
MUS100 Fundamentals of Music
PSY100 Introduction to Psychology
THR200 Theater Arts

COM100 Intro to Mass Communication
COM103 Public Speaking
COM120 Intro to Interpersonal Comm
COM220 Media Literacy
ENG13 Strategies for Writing
ENG102 Effective College English I *

ASL120 American Sign Language I
ASL220 American Sign Language II **
SPN100 Beginning Spanish I
SPN101 Beginning Spanish II **

COH100 Personal Health
COH150 Healthcare Terminology
HED110 First Aid and CPR
HED212 Nutrition and Wellness
HED220 Health, Nutrition and Safety

BUS100 Intro to Business
MTH12A Algebra I
MTH12B Algebra II **
MTH209 Fundamentals of Mathematics I *
MTH210 Probability and Statistics *
MTH215 College Algebra and Trigonometry *
MTH216A College Algebra I *
MTH216B College Algebra II **
MTH220 Calculus I *
MTH221 Calculus II **

BIO100 Survey of Bioscience
BIO100A Survey of Bioscience Lab
BIO161 General Biology I
CHE101 Introductory Chemistry *
CHE101A Introductory Chemistry Lab **
EES103 Fundamentals of Geology
EES103A Fundamentals of Geology Lab **
PHS102 Survey of Physical Science

ECO100 Intro to Economics
ECO203 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO204 Principles of Macroeconomics
HIS220A United States History I *
HIS220B United States History II **
HIS233 World Civilizations I *
HIS234 World Civilizations II **