Specialization in National Board Certified Teacher Leadership

The five-course NBCT sequence is designed to meet the needs of several groups of teachers:

  • Those who want to improve their teaching and prepare themselves to achieve National Board Certification now or sometime during their career.
  • Those who are active NBCT candidates and want to earn graduate level credit as they develop the required portfolio in response to NBPTS submission guidelines.
  • Those who have achieved NBCT and want to earn graduate credit as they develop an NBCT Leadership Portfolio.
  • New teachers who want to experience the NBCT portfolio process in advance of submitting for full candidacy to the NBPTS.

The NBCT Specialization engages teachers in the preparation and submission of the NBPTS portfolio in any one of 24 certificate areas (as defined by the NBPTS organization (nbpts.org).

The Sanford College of Education and the National University NBPTS Professional Teaching Development Center (PTDC) provide the following online and on-site services, opportunities and program options for new, practicing, and accomplished educators:

  • Support and Assistance for NBCT Candidates and School Districts
  • Access to Candidate Support Providers (CSPs) and NBCT Faculty
  • Holding National Board Certification meets requirements for clearing preliminary credentials
  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Science in Instructional Leadership, Master’s in Accomplished Collaborative Leadership
  • Teachers Leader and Professional Development Opportunities
  • Networking and Celebration of Accomplishments

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to focus on student learning through a systematic study and reflection of one’s own teaching practices.
  2. Demonstrate continuous growth in effective instructional practices and leadership through evidence of contributions to purposefully formed collaborative learning communities.
  3. Integrate fairness, equity, and access in designing strategies to meet diverse student learning.
  4. Apply learning theories, methodologies, and assessments to manage, monitor, and engage student learning.
  5. Integrate information literacy skills to inform professional teaching practices and future instruction.


Required Courses (4 courses; 18 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):