Concentration in Teacher Education

Lead Faculty: Dr. Susan B. Gilbert

Candidates must successfully complete the following courses for a Concentration in Teacher Education in Early Childhood Education. It is recommended that students take these classes after completing the upper-division major requirements and when they are within six (6) months of completing their degree program.

This concentration allows currently enrolled students who are completing their last six courses to register for three prerequisites – ILD 610, EDX 1201X, and, SPD 608– for the California teaching credential program as electives.

Students must complete graduate level coursework taken as part of the BAECE degree with a grade of “B” or better. This coursework will not transfer as graduate level credit to National University or any other University as it is part of an undergraduate degree program. Grades earned in graduate level courses will be calculated as part of the student’s undergraduate grade point average.


Core Requirements (6 courses; 27 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):