Specialization in Advanced Digital Literacy

The MS in Advanced Educator Practices Digital Literacy Specialization is designed for educators to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in digital literacy to: a) use technology to improve student learning and achievement and b) to develop and serve as digital literacy leaders: coaches, student advocates, and change agents.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Specialization Learning Outcome: Analyze current classroom digital classroom practice in light of research and evidence-based instructional design for the digital classroom.
  2. Specialization Learning Outcome: Critique a variety of resources and appropriate uses for digital based educational software and tools to include games, websites, social media, virtual reality and Maker Spaces.
  3. Specialization Learning Outcome: Evaluate the impact of digital based educational software on student learning.
  4. Specialization Learning Outcome: Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of designing and teaching for online environments and accommodating different mobile devices.
  5. Specialization Learning Outcome: Create a digital literacy evaluation plan, as appropriate to students, classroom, school, district and/or community.


Students in this program will have a Bachelor's Degree and experience in teaching/training. Some students will have teaching credentials for Pre-K-12 schools, however a credential is not a requirement.
Requirements for the Specialization (4 courses; 18 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):