Dr. Jack B. Hamlin

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Dr. Hamlin holds degrees in Sociology and Psychology from San Diego State University, a Master’s degree in Forensic Sciences from National University a Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego, School of Law, and an International Law Certificate from Trinity College, Dublin. After careers which included psychological research for the Center for Prisoner of War Studies in the 70’s, Law Enforcement in the 80’s, a trial lawyer from the late 80’s, and Judge Pro Tem in the San Diego County Superior Court, Family Branch, he began his final career path, teaching in 2003. He has taught courses in Pre Law, Criminal Justice, ADR and Sociology. As Program Director for the Alternative Dispute Resolution program at National University he has published and lectured nationally and internationally regarding conflict transformation and restorative justice, including presentations before the Parliament of the European Union, and the Irish Dail. For eight years, he was a senior mediator and instructor for the San Diego Restorative Justice Mediation Program. He facilitates one on one victim-offender mediations and large scale community forums.

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