CJA401 Criminal Intelligence

Lead Faculty: Dr. James E. Guffey

Course Description

Exposes students to the basic trends of criminal intelligence as it relates terrorism around the world. The focus will be on the domestic and international threats of terrorism and the basic security issues that surround terrorism today. The student will gain an understanding of terrorism and the many factors that support and drive the terrorist movements throughout the world. The students will also analyze the laws and special forces which nations within the international community have created to meet this challenge. This course also presents an overview of computer crimes and the use of the internet to disrupt computer services throughout the world. The student will learn about emerging laws and digital solutions to block the use or spread of digital crimes or terrorism.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the Intelligence Cycle and the significance of Intelligence Information to criminal investigations.
  • Describe how law enforcement agencies utilize Intelligence Information.
  • Differentiate between analyzing intelligence for criminal vs. terrorist investigations.
  • Identify the some of the major government and private sector agencies that participate in the intelligence process.
  • Describe some of the major tools, programs, search engines and products used and created by Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts/Professionals.