PAD631 Urban Planning andamp; Redevelopment

Lead Faculty: Dr. Maryam Davodi-Far

Course Description

An examination of historical development of urban planning practices and concepts, general plans and their elements in the urban community. Also discusses the use of technology in planning. Students must complete a minimum of five Public Administration courses prior to taking this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the historical developments in community planning at both the local and regional levels, particularly within the State of California.
  • Examine and evaluate land use legislation and its impact on the development and implementation of urban and regional planning.
  • Explain and analyze how cities, counties, developers, and citizen groups interact with each other in shaping California communities and the State landscape.
  • Review community plans and designs and evaluate the impact of environmental legislation on urban planning.
  • Identify and analyze the relationship between growth management and economic development as supported by national, state and local governments.
  • Examine the use of technology in community planning.