PAD626 Public Personnel Policy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Maryam Davodi-Far

Course Description

An examination of the important aspects of personnel management in government, including civil service procedures, affirmative action, employee motivation and organizational development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and contrast the major issues involved in such policy areas as economic regulation, income support, energy, environment, health care, education, immigration and civil rights.
  • Identify key historical developments in public personnel relative to current trends and practices in managing public service workers.
  • Identify major public personnel functions and describe the role they perform in the overall public sector process.
  • Analyze decision-making practices dealing with the recruitment, selection, training, and performance evaluation of government employees.
  • Explain the issues and approaches to determining compensation and benefits and their influence on labor-management relationships.
  • Analyze how the changing global society and multicultural environment impacts the management of the employment contract.
  • Analyze and evaluate negotiation strategies between labor and management in relation to the representation of workers and the good of society.