MUL471 Adv Digital Interactivity Proj

Lead Faculty: Mr. Scott Campbell

Course Description

Advanced training in the production of interactive products using computer-based authoring tools for e-business, entertainment, and education. Conduct extensive reviews of interactive presentations, games, and instructional media and apply lessons learned to programming user friendly interactive models in real-time virtual environments. Cover advanced problem solving techniques applied to; interactive design theory and practice; and methods of project management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply advanced production methods to the development of computer-based 3-D interactive media.
  • Manage the production of computer-based interactive media.
  • Conduct detailed reviews of computer-based interactive media using 3-D.
  • Implement advanced strategies to overcome technological constraints on computer-based interactive media.
  • In Macromedia Director, demonstrate advanced proficiency using tools, palettes, and Lingo.