MUL355 Game Scripting

Lead Faculty: Mr. Scott Campbell

Course Description

In-depth, hands-on application of web programming, game scripting, and web presentation. Apply aesthetic and usability criteria to produce web presentations, 'movies' and other animated assets for placement into student projects. Explore applied technological constraints of web presentation and animation, game design, game scripting, appropriate uses of motion in a web page, and digital asset management for optimal delivery of animated content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the principles of graphic and information design in the generation of digital media projects.
  • Create active and interactive content with graphics, animation, sound and video using media authoring software.
  • Demonstrate oral, visual, and written communication skills with clients, project managers, and media production team members.
  • Develop a personal vision in the creation of original multimedia content.
  • Examine current trends and key technologies in the media industry.