LAW440 Comparative International Law

Lead Faculty: Dr. Bryan Hance

Course Description

A survey of international law in (1) the civil environment including trade agreements and contracts, and alternative dispute resolution and (2) criminal law, including investigation and prosecution of human rights violation and the remedies for such violations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the historical tenets of International Law, its sources, scope and the effectiveness of its enforcement.
  • Define individual nation state's responsibility in the context of international law standards.
  • Understand the function of the United Nations, the Declaration of Human Rights, the World Trade Organization and related bodies and international standards and agreements.
  • Discuss international trade history and the evolution of the workings of modern international trade organizations and trade agreements, such as but not limited to GATT, GATS, EU, and NAFTA.
  • Discuss the rules governing international service and labor agreements and human rights related to labor.
  • Understand international contractual relationships pursuant to such governing bodies as United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
  • Discuss the International Criminal Court, its background, function, and current state of power.
  • Discuss human rights violations and how they are addressed in international tribunals.
  • Identify and understand the future goals of international criminal tribunals and the effort to expand jurisdiction over international justice violations, such as war crimes, state aggression, and genocide.
  • Synthesis all international law topics surveyed and display an understanding of their interconnecting relationships.