JJS606 Delinquency & Gang Impact

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cynthia E. Sytsma

Course Description

In this course students will examine accurate analysis of gangs in America in its social context and investigate the effectiveness of current interventions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate controversial intercultural issues among students within the juvenile justice system.
  • Analyze the etiology and diagnosis related to various theoretical approaches in the field of emotional/behavioral disorders.
  • Analyze the social characteristics of individuals with emotional/behavioral disorders.
  • Evaluate the factors that influence overrepresentation of diverse individuals in programs for individuals with emotional/behavioral disorders.
  • Appraise the cultural perspectives influencing the relationships among families, schools and communities as related to instruction and the demands of learning environments outside of regular school settings.
  • Assess crisis prevention and intervention strategies for individuals at risk of emotional/behavioral disorders.
  • Compare and contrast different types of gangs including small, regional and national.
  • Evaluate societal and law enforcement techniques and strategies to combat gangs.