JJS605 Prof Ethics in Juv Justice Sys

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cynthia E. Sytsma

Course Description

This course will prepare professionals in the juvenile justice system to examine the ethical problems associated with working in the area of special education within a juvenile justice system, or in a variety of settings, including public schools, alternative schools, residential treatment centers and incarcerated youth confined by the juvenile justice system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze various family systems and the role of the families in the educational and judicial process.
  • Interpret the responsibilities of the legal, judicial and educational systems serving individuals with emotional/behavioral disorders and other special education categories, placed in out of school facilities.
  • Evaluate the variations in beliefs, traditions, and values across and within cultures and their effects on relationships among individuals with exceptional learning needs.
  • Develop strategies to facilitate integration into various settings, particularly in the juvenile justice and mental health settings.
  • Analyze how teachers and other authority figures' attitudes and behaviors influence the behavior of individuals with exceptional learning needs.
  • Evaluate legal provisions and ethical principles regarding assessment of individuals and practice within the CEC Code of Ethics and other standards of the profession.