JJS604 Mgmt. of Behaviors

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cynthia E. Sytsma

Course Description

This course will prepare professionals in the juvenile justice system and alternative school placements to work with students with behavior problems in a variety of settings, including public schools, alternative schools, residential treatment centers and incarcerated youth confined by the juvenile justice system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the legal limitations and responsibilities of various professionals in dealing with acting out and/or violent behaviors in a variety of settings
  • Compare and contrast the primary and secondary characteristics of rule-breaking and delinquency.
  • Create a functional assessment pinpointed at behaviors exhibited by students.
  • Evaluate the categories and characteristics of hyperactivity, the medications and effects of medications for hyperactivity, other explanations and treatments for hyperactive behaviors and milieu therapy, psychodynamic treatment, token economies, differential reinforcement and the use of punishment in the management of aggressive behavior.
  • Analyze the common characteristics of socially withdrawn youth, and the management procedures, guidelines, classification and assessment methods for interventions to identify students as it relates to their placement.
  • Develop a classroom management plan for an educational setting for students either in a residential or lock up situation dealing with secondary students.
  • Analyze the theories of causation of delinquency, social withdrawal, aggression and hyperactivity.