HSE475 Interviewing and Interrogation

Course Description

Provides students with proven techniques which apply to both accusatory and non-accusatory interviews. Students develop skills in preparing for the interview and interrogation with emphasis on planning and strategies. Provides a basic format and fundamentals of specialized interviewing and interrogation methods for those who have little or no experience in this phase of an investigation. Studies one of the most specialized and difficult phases of law enforcement or security investigation-interrogation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize and understand the basic concepts of behavior symptoms (verbal and non-verbal).
  • Ask pre-interview/interrogation questions which will assist in determining whether the person will be truthful or deceptive.
  • Develop a theme for the interrogation. For example, lay blame on someone else, like the victim, or establish a reason for the suspect/witness to be there in the first place.
  • Distinguish between an interview and an interrogation.
  • Overcome objections and excuses.
  • Convert and oral confession into a written confession.
  • Explain U. S. Constitution and applicable case law pertaining to interviews and interrogation.
  • Cover twenty points while taking a written statement.