CJA690 Research Project Thesis

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ponzio Oliverio

Course Description

A two-month course required of all MCJ students. Culminates in the research and writing of a substantial original work on a criminal justice pre-approved research project of personal interest involving the critical examination and evaluation of primary sources and appropriate secondary materials with faculty supervision and guidance. Grading is by H, S, or U only. Eligible for In Progress (IP) grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Justify the importance of having experts critique one's written work to ensure finality.
  • Conduct extensive original research at a professional level on a pre-approved topic
  • Compose a research project using references from referred sources.
  • Understand the importance of meeting deadlines for major written assignments
  • Determine the importance of effective oral presentation skills in today's criminal justice organizations.
  • Judge the importance of quality research and writing skills as required for publication in scholarly journals.