ADR425 Issues in Conflict Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Jack B. Hamlin

Course Description

This course will explore the nature of cultural differences in various conflict situations. Through the examination of various cultural perceptions, participants will learn how to apply concepts of cultural fluency in a variety of conflicting cultural scenarios, and employ personal, interpersonal and inter group skills to bridge cultural differences and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Students will participate in role plays, videos, and case studies to enhance their understanding of these issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and identify the nature of cultural differences.
  • Recognize and distinguish how cultural differences can fuel conflict.
  • Apply concepts of dynamic engagement with a dialogic spirit to resolve cultural conflicts.
  • Develop and apply interpersonal practices for bridging cultural differences.
  • Develop and apply personal practices for bridging cultural differences.
  • Develop and apply techniques for bridging cultural differences in group settings.
  • Understand the benefits and appropriateness of using trained third party neutrals in cultural conflict situations.