ADR420 Communication andamp; Conflict

Lead Faculty: Dr. Jack B. Hamlin

Course Description

This course will explore workplace, interpersonal and team conflict dynamics and methods for effective communication in such conflict situations. Participants will learn communication skills for resolving such conflicts for themselves, between others and within a team or group, and strategies for preventing or defusing rising conflict. Additionally, participants will learn how to integrate conflict resolution into various organizational cultures.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize conflict versus miscommunication and understand the costs of conflict.
  • Recognize how to communicate in a non-judgmental and neutral way.
  • Describe and understand productive communication techniques.
  • Know how to communicate with others when conflict arises.
  • Identify and explain how to communicate when there are conflicts between others.
  • Identify and understand how to apply effective communication techniques when conflicts arise within a team or group.
  • Know how to employ communication strategies to defuse conflict or prevent conflict.
  • Recognize that the obvious cause of interpersonal conflict is usually not the only cause, and that there can be several other causes or factors involved.