Mr. Edward Alyn Warren, III

School of Professional Studies
Journalism, Film and Entertainment Arts

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School of Professional Studies
(714) 429-5131

Associate Professor, Program Director Digital Cinema Production Master of Fine Arts
National University, School of Professional Studies,
Department of Journalism, Film and Entertainment Arts

Alyn Warren founded the Digital Cinema Production MFA program at National University in 2004 as an alternative to traditional graduate film programs that required full-time residency. The MDC-MFA program integrates a professional practices of the Hollywood and Independent Film traditions with online educational technology in an intense, practice oriented film degree. The program is modeled on Alyn's experiences in Hollywood at the height of the American Independent Film movement of the 1970s under the tutelage of professional mentors at Sherwood Oaks Experimental College.

In the last 13 years as the MFA program director, Alyn has served as executive producer for more than 30 short films produced during the Digital Cinema MFA residency in Los Angeles. He has mentored over 65 graduate students through the development and final qualification of their short thesis films. His recent short screenplays ZB (2014), The Ivar Incident (2015), Nightwalkers and It's Not What You Think! (2016) focus on on characters whose self-centered decisions have unexpected consequences from which they cannot escape.

Given the ease at which we can now access nearly every film and television ever produced, filmmakers today have immediate access to a vast amount of media and new digital distribution outlets for original content. However, the challenge for every film student is the same as it was 40 years ago, to use narrative and cinematic concepts and professional techniques to engage audiences on multiple levels.

Alyn specializes in narrative structure, story development, creative producing, film directing and production. These days he focuses on integrating his four-step creative process model into creative film development and production workflows.