SCR675 The Business of Screenwriting

Lead Faculty: Ms. Bettina Moss

Course Description

This seminar explores the business side of film, TV and/or Transmedia writing and provides an in person experience. Professionals from the entertainment business such as screen and television writers, IP developers, development executives, producers, marketing strategists, agents and managers, studios, guilds and other entities integral to the entertainment industry deconstruct how they choose projects and engage in the business of Hollywood.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and deconstruct how various studios and/or production entities determine what projects they are looking for based on market trends and company vision.
  • Evaluate the process of film marketing and how it related to the film and TV business.
  • Interact with development executives, producers and other industry professionals in order to 'reality check' researched assumptions about many various aspects of the film/TV business.
  • Develop acumen in creating and presenting pitches.