SCR691 Thesis Qualification & Review

Lead Faculty: Ms. Bettina Moss

Course Description

Candidate submits a thesis portfolio consisting of two polished, industry-ready original or adapted screenplays, an aesthetic statement discussing his/her evolution as an artist and a marketing plan and pitch. Course is eligible for an 'In Progress' (IP) grade after two months. Course may be repeated once. The thesis review committee determines if the thesis meets the qualifications for the Master of Fine Arts. Grading is H, S, or U only. Thesis Qualification Review is the last phase of the thesis sequence completed in SCR690. The minimum requirements for Qualification Review are two professional level screenplays that tell complete, well paced and structured story with complex and compelling characterizations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Show growth as a screenwriter in the creation and polishing of two professional level screenplays or other appropriate thesis projects which exhibit compelling, well structured stories with memorable characters and engage and sustain the interest of a discriminating audience.
  • Design and finalize a clear marketing plan and professional level audio and or visual pitch for introducing their work to the entertainment industry.
  • Craft and revise an aesthetic statement documenting the evolution of their growth as an artist that resulted in the student's thesis projects and reflect how their artistic choices exist within a larger cultural and social context.