SCR690 Screenwriting Thesis

Lead Faculty: Ms. Bettina Moss

Course Description

MFA candidates work independently with a thesis advisor and/or committee to develop the required components for Thesis. Thesis candidates have up to one year to develop a thesis portfolio that includes two full-length, polished original or adapted screenplays, an aesthetic statement discussing his/her evolution as an artist and a marketing plan for introducing their work to the entertainment industry. Grading is S, U only. Course is eligible for an 'In Progress' (IP) grade after two months. Course may be repeated once.

Learning Outcomes

  • Show growth as a screenwriter in the creation of two professional level screenplays or other appropriate thesis projects which exhibit compelling, well structured stories with memorable characters and engage and sustain the interest of a discriminating audience.
  • Design a clear marketing plan and coherent creative pitch for introducing their work to the entertainment industry.
  • Craft an aesthetic statement documenting the evolution of their growth as an artist that resulted in the student's thesis projects and reflect how their artistic choices exist within a larger cultural and social context.