SCR681P Screenwriting II Practicum

Course Description

In this independent 'studio practicum', taken concurrently with SCR 681, students develop a second 'polished draft' of an original screenplay guided by critical feedback provided by the instructor. The original screenplay will receive a minimum of two individual critical reviews. Grading is H, S, or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the underlying principles of rewriting a screenplay, including (but not limited to) the three-act structure, advancing dramatic or comedic conflict, refining dynamic characters, and telling a story visually.
  • Through critical analysis and in a formal, graduate level essay, reflect upon the experience of rewriting the screenplay.
  • Incorporate relevant creative notes in the revision of a screenplay based on consultation with the professor.
  • Generate a revised draft of a feature length screenplay that incorporates methods of characterization, dialog, alternative ideas for scenes, and other story elements.
  • Engage in critical dialog with peers and mentors that supports and advances the screenplay revision process.
  • Use the accepted format for screenplays, and incorporate aspects of visual storytelling that separate screenplay form from other forms of writing.