SCR667 Marketing for Film & TV

Lead Faculty: Ms. Bettina Moss

Course Description

Overview of marketing in the entertainment industry, including analysis of studio blockbusters, independent films, network and syndicated Television, Internet, Transmedia and documentaries.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the intent, resources, creativity and impact of marketing campaigns in movies, TV shows, transmedia products and documentaries.
  • Analyze constructs from the marketing of various media, as a tool to develop new campaigns for a show, program or franchise.
  • Evaluate the roles of publicity, promotion and advertising in marketing media products.
  • Create a proposal for a campaign that applies the elements of marketing to the sale, distribution and exploitation of a movie (script/finished film), TV show, transmedia product/franchise and/or documentary.
  • Incorporate constructive criticism in the revision of the marketing campaign project for multiple platforms.