SCR650 Script Reading and Coverage

Lead Faculty: Ms. Bettina Moss

Course Description

This seminar focuses on screenplay analysis as an essential tool of the film and television industry. The core components of screenplays are explored including the three act structure, characterization, dialog, tone, theme and voice. Students learn to write 'coverage' including synopses and producer-appropriate commentary.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate varied source material including magazine articles, documentaries, short stories and screenplays from the perspective of structure, characterization, dialog, the three act structure, tone and theme.
  • Analyze how these components work together in the screenplay format.
  • Research how and why various production companies and film and television studios search for material and how coverage is part of this process.
  • Critique professional examples of screenplay analysis.
  • Integrate learned elements of screenplay analysis such as synopsis and commentary and apply them by creating original screenplay coverage.
  • Synthesize constructive criticism in order to revise coverage.