MDC693 Thesis Production

Course Description

MFA Candidates work independently in consultation with the thesis production advisor during the pre-production and production phases. Production deliverables include a production plan, final budget and schedule, production documentation and dailies. This is a two-month course. Grading is H, S, or U only. Unsatisfactory graded course must be repeated.

Learning Outcomes

  • Produce a shooting script or documentary production treatment.
  • Plan the production phase of a digital short subject motion picture based on documents generated in previous courses.
  • Design a production schedule that provides adequate time and personnel to accomplish the project objectives.
  • Generate the requisite directorial documents to communicate, the directorial vision of the project to the production team.
  • Communicate directorial objectives effectively to talent and crew to achieve dramatic, narrative, and production goals.
  • Complete principle photography on a fiction or documentary short motion picture that meets the professed technical and aesthetic quality standards for audio, cinematography, mise-en-scene and story established in the production development process.
  • Compile a production book that provides the necessary documentation to meet post-production and distribution objectives.