MDC683P Production Practicum

Course Description

The studio practicum taken during the Digital Cinema MFA production residency. Taken concurrently with MDC 688 and 689, students apply industry practices to develop and execute a professional production plan. Covers production meetings, practical demonstrations, on set performance in a department leadership role, response to Executive Producer editorial notes, meeting postproduction distribution requirements and delivering a production wrap book. Practical assignments receive individual and peer-group critiques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate the production and post-production requirements in a variety of situations to the production crew through such production documents as storyboards, shooting scripts, shot lists, blocking diagrams and lighting plans.
  • Collaborate on the production and post-production of a short motion picture.
  • Generate a production schedule, staffing and logistical requirements for a scripted short digital motion picture.
  • Utilize the appropriate preproduction documents to coordinate the production and postproduction of a short motion picture.
  • Critique production dailies and a variety of editorial cuts in relation to the application of cinematic concepts and technical principles of the cinematic crafts -- cinematography, directing, sound design and editing -- and their effective contribution to the story.
  • Evaluate the organizational contributions of the director, associate producer, director of photography, assistant director, production designer, and gaffer on the preproduction and production phases of filmmaking