MDC683 Production Management

Course Description

Working collaboratively as director, director of photography, assistant director, or production manager, students develop a film production from pre-production through production and post-production. Includes script breakdowns for budget, schedule, casting, location, cinematography and production design, on-set procedures, and post-production work-flow.

Learning Outcomes

  • Collaborate as a production team lead (director, associate producer, director of photography, assistant director, production designer or gaffer) to design the production of a short digital motion picture.
  • Generate the requisite script breakdowns that include the necessary dramatic, operational, and technical elements necessary to move a film project into production.
  • Design the production plan for a short digital motion picture project that includes: a production schedule, budget, casting, production design, staffing and logistical requirements.
  • Generate the requisite professional pre-production documentation checklists and forms required for a motion picture production.
  • Evaluate the mise-en-scene for a short digital motion picture by applying professional cinematic concepts in the areas of blocking, shot selection, lighting, sound and production design.