MDC670 Producing Documentaries

Course Description

Course covers approaches to documentary filmmaking including development and production requirements unique to documentary production as well as the aesthetic and stylistic considerations. Students engage in analysis of documentary films from an historical perspective and independent research to develop their own approach to a documentary subject suitable for distribution. Course must be completed prior to taking MDC 692 for students making a short documentary thesis film.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and evaluate orally and in writing the approaches to and stylistic forms of documentary films.
  • Integrate documentary film theory and aesthetics into a producing plan for short documentary film project on a specific subject.
  • Evaluate relevant sources of information for research material that supports the development of a documentary project.
  • Evaluate public and private funding sources and requirements for producing a short documentary film.
  • Evaluate the festival distribution strategies required for releasing a short documentary film.
  • Produce a production proposal for a documentary short subject film suitable for presentation to funders and distributors.