MDC650 Film Producing

Course Description

This seminar covers the process of producing a film from a draft screenplay through distribution. Working in collaborative groups students will develop a project timeline, distribution plan, preliminary budget, legal and technical specifications and a look book suitable for pitching the film for investors. Includes independent research, case studies and the use of film production management software.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate a script using standard film industry criteria for coverage
  • Assess the technical requirements for producing and distributing a film
  • Generate a budget that estimates the financial requirements for producing a film
  • Generate a production timeline covering the specific tasks deliverables and personnel required during development, preproduction, production, postproduction and distribution
  • Evaluate distributors and film festivals appropriate for a film project
  • Outline the relevant distribution strategies required for producing a film
  • Outline the legal responsibilities and ethical issues facing producers
  • Produce a funding pitch for a project