JRN430 Reporting for TV News

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sara Ellen L. Amster

Course Description

This course focuses on what it takes to successfully write and assemble reporter packages for broadcast news programs. The course includes shooting video for the package, deciding which video pieces to use and conducting interviews to get information and effective sound bites for the report. In addition to writing and reporting techniques, students will learn how to perform for TV news, including the manner of dress, speech and other factors that relate to trust, believability, and likeability.

Learning Outcomes

  • Write news stories for television using the most common formats.
  • Know how to effectively combine words and pictures to tell a story.
  • Have a thorough understanding of how to interview subjects.
  • Understand the relationship among the behind-the-scenes and people involved in putting together a newscast and the reporter/cinematographer.
  • Have learned the importance of story placement and relationship among subject areas within a newscast.
  • Be able to create a reporter package for a newscast.