JRN301 News Writing and Editing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sara Kelly

Course Description

Provides an introduction to copy editing and includes the roles and responsibilities of a copy editor, which go beyond being able to spot grammatical and spelling errors in copy. Students learn how a copy editor approaches a piece, and how to edit that piece for clarity, sense, and organization, as well as for spelling, grammar, style, legal concerns, and fairness. Students will edit copy and write headlines and captions, while learning the basics of layout and design.

Learning Outcomes

  • Exhibit proficiency in editing for story organization, logic, fairness, accuracy, style, grammar, and spelling.
  • Formulate strategies for questioning reporters and editors in the process of fact-checking, copy editing, and improving stories.
  • Correct spelling and grammar in the editing process.
  • Ensure consistency and the use of correct style within a publication.
  • Define libel law and describe the role copy editors play as the news organization's last line of defense against libel suits.