FLM495 Capstone

Course Description

Students create a portfolio of work based on their professional career goals in the media content creation disciplines such as cinematography, editing, directing, screenwriting, and/or production. Portfolio components may include a screenplay, short scripts, and samples of nonfiction and/or fiction media content or other relevant coursework. Working with an instructor, students revise existing or produce new work and reflect on their work and lessons learned during the program. The final portfolio should be suitable for submission to a potential employer such as a production company, media content distributor, television station or other media entertainment company.

Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrate the principles of cinematic, sound, and visual design used in the creation of contemporary visual media.
  • Interpret the communication objectives of media content using oral and written responses.
  • Detect cultural attitudes, beliefs, and values and their implications in film, television, and media programs.
  • Apply creative processes to the development of fiction and nonfiction content for production of short format digital media programs.
  • Generate short scripts for fiction and nonfiction media programs.
  • Coordinate the preproduction, production, and postproduction processes used in the development of film and video programs.
  • Implement professional techniques used in the production of image and sound media assets.
  • Integrate collaborative processes into the development, production, and postproduction phases of digital media creation.